5 Things To Make With Sewing



The first thing you can make when you know how to sew is a pillowcase or pillowcases. Why not try to make something for your home to check out how good you are, you can try out to skills on something for your bedroom. You can even give them out as gifts when you are done sewing them as they make great gifts for people. All you need is a mere yard of fabric in order to make a standard size pillow. You can use a fabric that already has a design if not, you can add your own few designs on it to make it presentable especially if you are giving it out as a gift.


You can try to sew an emergency tool kit bag that you can carry around, maybe at home or leave-in the car kit. Having an emergency tool kit bag available when you need it would make your life so much easier.  You can also sew a makeup bag for yourself or your kids and use it to test out your skills. You can use any pattern you want, just make sure it is presentable enough. Sewing bags whether for emergency kits or makeup should be one of the things you can make when you know how to sew.


The next on the list of things to sew is an apron. It should probably be the first but in no particular order; you should definitely try it out. You can try to sew a one a one yard apron with drawstring waist and a patch pocket to test your skills. It’s going to be to your own benefit when you sew an apron because apart from testing out your skills, you can eventually use it for your own comfort in the kitchen to keep stains away from your dress. There are free patterns everywhere to use and you can add ruffles, frills and appliqués or even a trim to make a statement. Aprons make good gifts too.




tableclothTable Cloth

Sewing a table cloth is almost like the simplest sewing projects for people who know how to sew. It can be one of the top things to make when you know how to sew. It’s an easy and inexpensive sewing project that you can use to design your kitchen or dining room. It is important of course, that you choose the right fabric and one of the factors to consider when choosing a fabric is how easy it would be to wash the table cloth once you are done.  A nicely sewn table cloth can change the way your home looks.


One of the toughest yet worthwhile sewing projects you should consider once you know how to sew is making a skirt. It is easier to make a super simple elastic waist skirt as a starting out project amongst other tons of variations. You can make a mini skirt with a floral fabric. With the right tools and correct measurements, you can make yourself or a friend a nice piece of mini floral elastic waist skirt. You will be proud of yourself by the time you are done.